The sport where you are the search engine!

Geocaching is a modern day treasure (the cache) hunt using a GPS receiver.
Worldwide people hide caches and publish the coordinates (waypoint) of the cache online. Next step is to download those coordinates to your GPS receiver and off you go, trying to find the cache.

More on geocaching can be found at and on Wikipedia.

Confluence hunting

Confluence hunting is to visit latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, to take pictures at each location and tell a story about the visit and the location. The pictures and narrative, are posted on the Degree Confluence Project web site to create an organized sampling of the world. Another goal of the project is to document the changes at these locations over time, which is achieved by revisiting these locations.

More on confluence hunting can be found at the Degree Confluence Project and on Wikipedia.


We started geocaching as a means to go outside, getting some fresh air and getting to places you'd normally not think of going.

We're not all that interested in getting as much caches as possible, a nice afternoon out finding a single cache and just enjoying wherever we ended up will do perfectly well. Although admittedly, we do try to find at least one cache in every country we visit and enjoy a challenge.

Mrs. Terratin is a geologist and loves the thrill of the hunt; Mr. Terratin is a freelance web developer/consultant/designer and needs to get out more often!

We've been geocaching since April 2007.

During 2011 we also discovered confluence hunting and ever since we try to visit a confluence point whenever possible.


One of the hardest things was coming up with a fitting name. Quite a few were dismissed, though we were already thinking of using the Latin word for earth: 'terra'.

As it happened around the same time (March '07) we were watching 'Star Trek: The Animated Series'. One evening episode 11, 'The Terratin Incident', was on and the decision was made immediately: 'Terratins' are tiny humans descended from a lost team of explorers. We're not that big and we do like exploring: Terratin.

These are the voyages of Terratin,
their continuing mission to explore strange unfound caches,
to seek out new travel bugs and new coins,
to boldly go where other cachers have gone before!


Garmin Oregon 450
Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx
Pen & Paper
Common sense


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