EarthacheEarthcache Masters

An earthcache is a location(-cache) about a unique geological feature, where you have to answer some questions and thus learn a bit about the earth.

The Earthcache Masters programme is an additional reward system -ontop of the usual smiley- and has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

More about earthcaches and the master programme at

Earthcache Master Platinum level reached on 29 may 2010.

Earthcache Master Platinum

Earthcache Found 14/07/07 Germany Germany GCQJT9 Bifurkation Earthcache

Earthcache Found 14/09/08 Norway Norway GC1E6C8 Gloppedalsura

Bronze level reached: 3 finds in 2 countries.

Earthcache Found 10/05/09 Norway Norway GC1JR7J Ruggesteinen

Earthcache Found 17/07/09 Norway Norway GC1DH09 Klovning-steinen

Earthcache Found 05/09/09 Qatar Qatar GC1AB6Y Dukhan el maw keeh

Earthcache Found 22/09/09 Qatar Qatar GC17RPH Al-Jassasiya

Earthcache Found 22/09/09 Qatar Qatar GC1HGB4 Qatar "Hadras"

Earthcache Found 06/11/09 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka GC1E123 Anuradhapura - Srilanka's gem

Earthcache Found 07/11/09 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka GC1MCV5 Sigiriya Rock - The Lion Mountain

Earthcache Found 09/11/09 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka GC1PPN2 Dambulla Rock Temple

Earthcache Developed 09/12/09 Norway Norway GC21N8F Dorgefossen

Silver level reached: 12 finds in 4 countries and 1 developed.

Earthcache Found 11/12/09 Qatar Qatar GC1JN5B Zekrit Pedestals

Earthcache Found 12/12/09 Qatar Qatar GC17MT3 Dahl Al-Hammam

Earthcache Found 17/12/09 Qatar Qatar GC1HWT7 Umm Said "Sabkha"

Earthcache Found 19/12/09 Qatar Qatar GC1ATBR Qatar Meteor Crater

Earthcache Developed 07/03/10 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka GC22Y4T Ritigala - A Himalaya fragment on Sri Lanka?

Gold level reached: 16 finds in 4 countries and 2 developed.

Earthcache Developed 08/03/10 Qatar Qatar GC22YG4 Got Vinegar?

Earthcache Found 28/04/10 Netherlands Netherlands GC22YRC De Karolingische Burg Oost-Souburg

Earthcache Found 07/05/10 Qatar Qatar GC1HWY4 Khor Al-Udaid / Inland sea

Earthcache Found 28/05/10 United Arab Emirates U.A.E. GC282V6 Build Your House on the Rock

Platinum level reached: 20 finds in 6 countries and 3 developed.