N 30° E053° Confluence Point Visit

Location: 0.8 km (0.5 miles) SW of Seyyedān, Fārs, Iran.

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18-Apr-2015 -- High on Mrs. Terratin's wishlist: a trip to Iran. And living relatively close (Qaṭar) at the moment... why not just go? Plans were made for a tour from Šīrāz to Tehrān. And all confluence points along the way were plotted. Given our packed schedule, there was only one feasible CP, this one, as it's easy to reach and virtually next to the road from Šīrāz to Pāsārgād.

Our guide and driver, the most excellent Dariush Davarpanah, didn't quite understand why we really wanted to go to this specific village, as he knew a couple other more picturesque villages nearby. But we insisted.

Leaving the hotel in Šīrāz at 8:30 am, first stop at Eram Garden and then straight on to the confluence point. Exit the motorway, take a right and then left to reach Seyyedān. From the sign welcoming confluence hunters (and everyone else, too) it's less than a kilometer to the confluence point. The village seems lively enough and while Dariush started to chat with one of the locals, we walked a few meter to get all zeroes on our GPS. Given a GPS accuracy of 3 m the CP is somewhere on the tarmac or maybe the sidewalk. Not all that interesting in itself, but that is made up by the mountains surrounding the village on three sides (albeit the mountains to the South a fairly distant).

After writing down the details of our visit and taking the pictures in the four, we walked back to the car and Dariush, who greeted us with his usual charm and a bag of cookies and candies. Hereafter we continued our journey to visit the ruins of Pāsārgād and thereafter onwards to Yazd.

  • Date/Time of arrival: 18 April 2015, 10:45
  • GPS Devices: Garmin Oregon 450/Garmin etrex 30
  • GPS Latitude: N 30 00.000 (both)
  • GPS Longitude: E053 00.001 (both)
  • GPS accuracy: ±3 m (both)
  • GPS Altitude: 1644 m (Oregon) / 1642 m (etrex) / 1657 m (according to maps)
  • Minimal distance: ±3 m (based on GPS accuracy)
  • Distance to nearest road: 0 m
  • Road name: -
  • Nearest village: Seyyedān, Fārs, Iran.
  • Visible Terrain/Area: Urban, with mountains as backdrop.
  • Weather: Sunny; slight haze and scattered clouds.
  • Description of the CP: Main street.
  • CP Name: None.
  • Means of transport: Car.


View of the Confluence Point

#1: View of the Confluence Point

View North

#2: View North

View East

#3: View East

View South

#4: View South

View West

#5: View West


#6: GPS

Dariush Davarpanah and Mrs. Terratin

#7: Dariush Davarpanah and Mrs. Terratin

Welcome to Seyyedān

#8: Welcome to Seyyedān