Geocaching Statistics

Total caches found2907
Total days caching863 (over 3294 days)
Avarage finds per caching day3,37
Avarage finds per day0,88
Total First To Find91
Total caches not found134
Cache to Cache distance350103km (350860km including DNFs)

First cache found01/04/07nlGCJDCBKnarcache
Last cache found25/03/16ukGC2G80BGeomon #7 Llanfair PG Blue Schist
Last cache not found06/03/16ukGC2QQDWDeceangi Drive-by series 50

Most Northern cache found09/08/13foGC4GMDBMúla
Most Eastern cache found07/11/09lkGCGRR6On Sigiriya rock
Most Southern cache found20/11/09lkGCVMX4Sukhawathi - A Taste of Ayurveda
Most Western cache found17/12/11caGC8160Great Divide

Oldest cache founddkGC6AKippers in the Jungle (Denmark's first)
Youngest cache foundukGC6E56FPeering Around

Longest streak44 consecutive days from 30 June to 12 August 2013.
Longest slump152 consecutive days from 19 September 2007 to 18 February 2008.