Traditional CacheGC1EBYK - Tirtagangga

Found : 27/09/2015 Size : Placed by : glogloman
Time : 11:42 Difficulty : Hidden : 20/07/2008
Terrain : Location : idIndonesia
GC1EBYK - Tirtagangga at


Found it!27/09/15 11:42

On our way to the east cost we did a stop here to look at the very nice garden and have lunch. We walked through the whole garden, and of course also climbed over the platforms in one of the ponds to look at all the fish in there. Btw, the entrance fee is currently 20.000 IDR. Afterwards we went to look for the cache, which was promptly found. Glad this for once is not a cache hidden in a resort or restaurant but an actual cache to search for. Thanks for hiding it.