Traditional CacheGC1EZJG - Alice and Co

Found : 14/07/2015 Size : Placed by : Happy Landins
Time : 10:45 Difficulty : Hidden : 05/08/2008
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC1EZJG - Alice and Co at


Found it!14/07/15 10:45[Mrs. Terratin solo]

After a whole day of traveling Mrs. terratin climbed up Great Orme yesterday to find a first cache in Wales. Turned out her clothing was not appropriate for the thorny vegetation, and she decided to find another cache instead. Back at her hotel she found out that cache didn't have sufficient favourite points for getting a sourvenir for the Road Trip 2015 thingy. And so she went out again today to find a cache with at least 10 favourite points as there's no such cache at home in Qatar that's still unfound. This one was the target. It took a while to find the cache, but after meeting some less friendly brambles and stinging nettles the cache was finally found. Thanks for the hide and the marvelous views on the way to the cache.