EarthcacheGC2G80B - Geomon #7 Llanfair PG Blue Schist

Found : 25/03/2016 Size : Placed by : The GeoBEATS and GeoMon Young Geologists
Time : 11:45 [?] Difficulty : Hidden : 10/09/2010
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC2G80B - Geomon #7 Llanfair PG Blue Schist at


Found it!25/03/16 11:45 [?]

A few hours of sunshine were all we needed to get out and visit this location. The path up to the column was slightly slippery, but looking at the blue schist made up for it: really lovely colour and very nice foliations. Thanks for showing this place. Unfortunately, the column was closed, maybe due to the Easter holiday. Oh well, another time.