Traditional CacheGC2QQBC - Deceangi Drive-by series 50

Found : 06/03/2016 Size : Placed by : N/Wales&Wirral Cachers
Time : 11:11 Difficulty : Hidden : 22/03/2011
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC2QQBC - Deceangi Drive-by series 50 at


Found it!06/03/16 11:11

Looking towards gz we saw a lot of mud and a dirty apartment after the caching trip. Fortunately, getting towards the cache wasn't too difficult in the end. We saw the container sitting in it's hiding place. Singed the log and hid it a bit better again. Mrs. terratin hurt her freezing-cold fingers on the hiding place while doing so. Thanks for hiding a good-sized container here.