EarthcacheGC34C05 - Holy Spring Temple

Found : 17/09/2015 Size : Placed by : 2par
Time : 14:45 [?] Difficulty : Hidden : 28/09/2011
Terrain : Location : idIndonesia
GC34C05 - Holy Spring Temple at


Found it!17/09/15 14:45 [?]

Diving around Ubud we visited a couple of temples. This was one of them, and possibly one of the least impressive when it comes to setting. However, the water welling up at different places and creating little turbulences with the sediment at the bottom of the basin was really great to see. The way out on the other hand took a lot of time, rather like an Ikea megastore without shortcuts along all the tourist stalls. Thanks for bringing us here and for creating this EarthCache.