Unknown CacheGC3B65E - Aladdins Lamp

Found : not yet Size : Placed by : Stoke Bunnies
Time : Difficulty : Hidden : 03/02/2012
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC3B65E - Aladdins Lamp at geocaching.com


Did Not Find!03/07/15 10:25 [?]

With one lamp missing we were still relatively certain where to find the cache. We set out to check out all possible locations and quickly found something resembling the photos. We even found the exact spot some of the photos were taken, but no trace of the cache. Given the large number of small animal skeletons, and a rabbit leg laying around it looks like there's a fox living there. The most likely hiding place, going by the theme of this cache might just be it's burrow. But anyway, no cache found unfortunately.