Traditional CacheGC3CTD6 - Al Maqta Fort

Found : 14/01/2016 Size : Placed by : TorstenOK
Time : 16:39 Difficulty : Hidden : 18/02/2012
Terrain : Location : aeUnited Arab Emirates
GC3CTD6 - Al Maqta Fort at


Found it!14/01/16 16:39[Mrs. Terratin solo]

Last afternoon in Abu Dhabi, all work done and a bit of free time. Mrs. terratin notices a few caches near her hotel she'd not noticed before. Seemed to be in walking distance as well if it's possible to cross the highway. So off she went. The first location was easily reached, and after a bit of searching, thinking and looking at the hint she decided to have a closer look at the oddly places item near gz. Oh, indeed the cache! Nice idea, loved it! Thanks for placing this cache.