Traditional CacheGC47RDK - Overhang

Found : 03/07/2015 Size : Placed by : Stoke Bunnies
Time : 11:36 Difficulty : Hidden : 16/03/2013
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC47RDK - Overhang at


Found it!03/07/15 11:36

After a DNF a few months ago here we tried it again today. We searched all the usual locations again, being confused by the comment before our previous log that the cache won't be able to fall down. Just when we were about to give up again Mr. terratin discovered something that looked out of place. And indeed there the cache was. Phew, nasty little bugger! Afterwards we had a good luck at the nice rock formations and discussed the potential for an EarthCache here. But as we had neither a camera, nor a notebook with us we couldn't take notes. Thanks for hiding this cache here.

Did Not Find!28/03/14 10:35 [?]

Seems to be a popular caches for DNFs, so we thought we add one as well. Either the cache is gone again or, more likely, we were completely cache blind. Searched a long time all over the place, high and low and inbetween, but still left empty-handed. Anyway, nice crossbedding on the cliff. Certainly worth a stop. Thanks for bringing us here.

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