EarthcacheGC4BRBC - The Stony Resilience of the Singapore Cenotaph

Found : 01/09/2015 Size : Placed by : ZacharyKZH
Time : 12:10 [?] Difficulty : Hidden : 10/05/2013
Terrain : Location : sgSingapore
GC4BRBC - The Stony Resilience of the Singapore Cenotaph at


Found it!01/09/15 12:10 [?]

Having arrived in Singapore yesterday, we started caching today. This is the second cache we 'found', and fortunately it's an EarthCache. After walking though a construction side, along the canteen of the workers and through their storage area we arrived at the monument where we spend some time looking at the different rock components and answered the questions. Thanks for making this EarthCache so close to Downtown Singapore. It's the perfect destination for a short walk to get rid of some jetlag.