Traditional CacheGC4JBZ8 - The wedding is over

Found : 14/01/2016 Size : Placed by : TorstenOK
Time : 16:57 Difficulty : Hidden : 09/08/2013
Terrain : Location : aeUnited Arab Emirates
GC4JBZ8 - The wedding is over at


Found it!14/01/16 16:57[Mrs. Terratin solo]

Last afternoon in Abu Dhabi after working in the nearby Industrial Area for nearly two weeks. Go to the airport at midnight (meh!), thus lots of time left to do something, and those two caches close to the hotel were perfect. Well.. the 'close' turned out to be 2.6km away, but who cares if the weather is lovely.

The wedding however indeed seems to be finally over. When Mrs. terratin arrives she was a demolished building that looked like staff accomodation, and some powerful machines tearing down another building complex further away. Arriving at gz, Mrs. terratin realized that the huge pile of rubble in front of her used to be the marriage hall. Mrs. terratin had just decided to not start searching as the cache would be under all the rubble when she spotted a promising looking location. Feeling around a bit she touched familiar plastic! Great, the cache is still there! Scratching her arm until she figured out how this hiding place worked she finally signed the logbook.

Guess this cache is a bit pointless now or needs a new name, though the current one still is fitting, considering that the wedding really is over now.