Traditional CacheGC4R4Q6 - Shelly Hill

Found : 28/03/2015 Size : Placed by : Piet Retrievers
Time : 11:49 Difficulty : Hidden : 28/10/2013
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC4R4Q6 - Shelly Hill at


Found it!28/03/15 11:49

Great location! Probably the only location in Qatar with so many big shells on the ground. Must have been an oyster bed, or the feeding ground of someone who likes oysters once. Adding to that some nice views and some camel bones makes this place really worth a visit. It took us a small while to find the cache as there simply was no hiding place anywhere nearby, but then the realization dawned, and Mrs. terratin soon held the container in her hands. Nice hide, great views. Thanks for the little detour from the main road and for the last cache of the day.