Traditional CacheGC4T4BZ - BALI BREAK

Found : 24/09/2015 Size : Placed by : OOH YEH
Time : 10:23 Difficulty : Hidden : 15/11/2013
Terrain : Location : idIndonesia


Found it!24/09/15 10:23

Well, it's difficult to be careful when a man appears from behind the wave break and asks us right away if we're looking for the cache. He also warned for the snake. Last time we came here we only searched for a short moment and then gave up when the waves were washing around the island in the rising tide. Thus this time we had more time. This time we found the cache fairly quickly despite the poor coordinates (please fix this, CO!) and without a snake. Well.. we didn't know there was one to start with, and were not bitten. The man lingered around a bit and told us about the locations of all the other caches in Kuta, plus possibly one long archived. Guess there's no secret here anymore. Thanks for hiding this cache.

Did Not Find!09/09/15 10:45 [?]

This would have been a nice cache to find, but coming to Kuta on a whim without preparing for the caches we soon found out that the tide was rising when a big wave washed around the hiding place. So we decided to give up and maybe come back another time.