Traditional CacheGC54MXJ - Sandy Beach

Found : not yet Size : Placed by : desertal
Time : Difficulty : Hidden : 11/05/2014
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC54MXJ - Sandy Beach at


Did Not Find!21/08/15 12:10 [?]

After another hint from the CO we tried to find this cache again today. Mrs. terratin found an item similar to the one indicated by desertal, but there was not cache associated with it and it was in a pile of garbage. As the sea was shouting louder than the cache we gave up and went for a bathing tub hot swim instead. Thanks again for bringing us here. It's a lovely beach with lovely deep water.

Did Not Find!27/06/15 11:10 [?]

Lovely beach, and almost completely empty! We searched for a while but could not find the cache. We gave up because it was simply too warm.