Traditional CacheGC5983Q - Umbrella Acacia

Found : 21/08/2015 Size : Placed by : desertal
Time : 11:14 Difficulty : Hidden : 18/07/2014
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5983Q - Umbrella Acacia at


Found it!21/08/15 11:14

After logging a DNF on 12.12.2014 we came here again for another try. This time we were lucky and found the cache after a substantial time of searching and after cuddling a spiny tailed lizard that was sleeping in the shadow. Thanks for bringing us here. It was most likely our last trip up north.

Did Not Find!12/12/14 12:35 [?]

This was meant as the last found cache today, but unfortunately we did not find it. Based on the last log we searched in various centers, but only found a dead bird right in the middle of THE center. Mrs. terratin is glad she used a stone to poke around there instead of using her hands. Nice tree though! Thanks for showing. We'll be back.

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