Traditional CacheGC5A5CD - Sluice

Found : not yet Size : Placed by : desertal
Time : Difficulty : Hidden : 30/07/2014
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5A5CD - Sluice at


Did Not Find!03/07/15 11:15 [?]

Second DNF today. After driving around GZ, looking for anything resembling a water channel or a sluice we gave up and went for a few other caches in the neighbourhood. After having found the Desert Rally cache we tried to get out of the area with all the little hills - and suddenly Mr. terratin saw what looked like a sluice in the distance. We drove there to check it out, and indeed he was right. He climbed down and started searching for the cache, even though it was more than one kilometer from the given coordinates. No cache found though. Looking at the photo in the cache description now we're sure we were at the right location. Interesting location, nonetheless.