Traditional CacheGC5A5EN - It's Mary's FFerm Thing

Found : 28/12/2015 Size : Placed by : MidAgeTravellers
Time : 15:24 Difficulty : Hidden : 03/08/2014
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC5A5EN - It's Mary's FFerm Thing at


Found it!28/12/15 15:24[Mrs. Terratin solo]

After triple caching bad luck yesterday Mrs. terratin really wanted to find at least one cache. This one showed up on her search of caches nearby that were found recently. Can't be so difficult, can it? No, it wasn't. The hiding spot was almost immediately spotted and the log signed as good as possible - the logbook is quite damp. Nice path, really worth exploring a bit more another time. Thanks for hiding this cache here and for providing the means for a small caching success.