Traditional CacheGC5EJ22 - Walk With the 'Bears' - Palace Views

Found : 08/01/2016 Size : Placed by : grrbears
Time : 17:27 Difficulty : Hidden : 10/10/2014
Terrain : Location : aeUnited Arab Emirates
GC5EJ22 - Walk With the 'Bears' - Palace Views at


Found it!08/01/16 17:27[Mrs. Terratin solo]

Mrs. terratin on a two week business trip to Abu Dhabi. As there are no caches near the hotel the only occasion to go caching was on her free day. The idea was to take a taxi to the top of the Corniche, do a relaxed afternoon run (man, was I wrong! dead) down to the Marina Mall to buy a few things, and then find a few caches. This was the first one, and not an easy find on a Friday late afternoon: the little bit of grass was full with people having picnics. But after sitting around for a while and enjoying the view all was clear to search for, and find the cache. Not an easy one! Thanks for the hide, and yet another smiley in Abu Dhabi.