Traditional CacheGC5EJ2A - Walk With the 'Bears' - Pearls and Palaces

Found : 08/01/2016 Size : Placed by : grrbears
Time : 17:49 Difficulty : Hidden : 10/10/2014
Terrain : Location : aeUnited Arab Emirates
GC5EJ2A - Walk With the 'Bears' - Pearls and Palaces at


Found it!08/01/16 17:49[Mrs. Terratin solo]

Another tricky hide. This one puzzled Mrs. terratin for a while as she assumed the hint would refer to the theme of this cache, and she couldn't find anything like it in the mentioned form. Then it dawned on her: oh no, it's not one of those, is it? And here of all places? Using her geology sense she finally spotted the container after yet another two rounds around the monument. Thanks for the tricky hide and a nice late afternoon caching trip.