Traditional CacheGC5GZMT - Mangrove Series #3

Found : 07/08/2015 Size : Placed by : desertal
Time : 10:39 Difficulty : Hidden : 30/01/2015
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5GZMT - Mangrove Series #3 at


Needs maintenance07/08/15

Container is completely soaked and the logbook has turned into a sticky mess. This cache needs a little bit of drying and a new log book.

Found it!07/08/15 10:39

Seeing the photo by Pete we kind of expected to get really wet, but the water only reached up to our knees. Fortunately, the underground was cemented solid and not muddy as expected. All absolutely perfect for finding this cache. Unfortunately, the contents of the container was completely soaked and we could not get the log book out. We signed on the outside of the container. Thanks for the short refreshing walk in the water.