Traditional CacheGC5HEXC - Skull & Crossbones #1

Found : 28/03/2015 Size : Placed by : Capt. Tortuga
Time : 10:46 Difficulty : Hidden : 05/12/2014
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5HEXC - Skull & Crossbones #1 at


Found it!28/03/15 10:46

Yep, skull and crossbones again. Looks like the Capt. is really good in spotting these locations. We'd certainly have missed it. The mine nearby is an amazing sight. The mother of all mines in Qatar to be sure. We left a little something along the way, and had no problem finding this little bugger. Cache is in good shape, though might suffer from the climate sooner or later like other similar ones did. Thanks for the cache. Afterwards we had a peep into the little cabin nearby, wondering if there was someone inside or not. Turned out that what Mr. terratin though was a person and Mrs. terratin thought was a massive office chair was a huge tire. Funny what you can find in such cabins. Thanks for bringing us here today.