Traditional CacheGC5HRVQ - Pura Subak Tirtagangga

Found : 27/09/2015 Size : Placed by : glogloman
Time : 14:28 Difficulty : Hidden : 13/12/2014
Terrain : Location : idIndonesia
GC5HRVQ - Pura Subak Tirtagangga at


Found it!27/09/15 14:28

After visiting the water garden and having lunch there we asked our driver to drive us a few meters on and to stop here. Officially for the views, which indeed were very nice, unofficially for the cache of course. We looked around a bit, took some photos, and then spotted the hiding place. Afterwards we drove on to Amed to go snorkeling. A nice and relaxed day with lots of driving. Incidentally, this was probably the last cache on Bali before we return home to Qatar.