Traditional CacheGC5J0T8 - Little Miss Muffet

Found : not yet Size : Placed by : FixBack97
Time : Difficulty : Hidden : 19/12/2014
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5J0T8 - Little Miss Muffet at



Planned a big round to clear up a bunch of caches around Mesaieed...first one turned out to be at the other side of the fence, so we skipped that one. Second one was in a different direction than Mr. Terratin wanted to go, so skipped that one as well. Third one, Little Miss Muffet. Ok...well...right, that's not such a good idea. Got out of the car, walked a few meter is hot. Hot. HOT. Not only the scolding sun, but also the hair-dryer-on-steroids. New plan for the day: Go home and sit inside....Yeah, good plan!

Turning around, walking back to the car, Mr. Terratin found a camoed container with a lid next to it. And a pencil stub nearby. that the cache? Right here out in the open? Maybe it got muggled...

Unsure if it's the cache or not, Mr. Terratin went looking in the scolding hot Hot HOT sun and relentless blowing hair-dryer in vain hope to find remnants of a such luck, but he did find a piece of paper, so we used that to sign and put the possible cache in an easy to find place for the CO.

And yes, after this cache we did go back to the ac and stayed put the rest of the day.

As we're not sure if that's the actual cache, we'll log a note for now. To be changed to DNF or Found It per FixBack97 instructions.

Did Not Find!20/12/14 11:15 [?]

We searched here together with VeeBees, and left lots of DNA but left empty-handed. Either the cache is gone, or the difficulty should be quite a bit higher. We did find some potential places that fit the nursery rhyme though, but there was nothing but thorns.

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