Unknown CacheGC5M7YN - Jolly Roger Series #22

FTF! Size : Placed by : Capt. Tortuga
Date : 12/06/2015 Difficulty : Hidden : 07/06/2015
Time : 11:54 Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5M7YN - Jolly Roger Series #22 at geocaching.com


Found it!12/06/15 11:54

Mr. terratin had the right idea for solving this puzzle, and the checker agreed quickly. When we arrived at ground zero however we could not find anything that could hold a cache, and certainly nothing that fitted the hint. After some more searching we found out we'd not updated the coordinates on the cache page and had the original ones in our GPS. After a quick adjustment we drove off to the actual hiding place, and were rewarded with an empty log book. Thanks for the hide.