Unknown CacheGC5NHGB - Al-arada mystery cache

Found : 14/03/2015 Size : Placed by : VeeBeez
Time : 09:02 Difficulty : Hidden : 28/02/2015
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5NHGB - Al-arada mystery cache at geocaching.com


Found it!14/03/15 09:02

This was only a xTF for us. Little hope we might be FTF, but one never knows. It certainly would have been convenient for today as we're working on a challenge back in Denmark that requires a FTF on each day of the month, and day 14 is still empty. Our hopes weren't too high to start with, but were completely shattered when we met Fixback at GZ. They also signed the log for us as they were busy doing that anyway.

As for the puzzle: Mr. terratin spent a short while solving it, and a little bit longer getting the coordinates out. Thanks for the mystery, and the opportunity to grab a souvenir for today.