Unknown CacheGC5NPC7 - The Pirate Cutlass

FTF! Size : Placed by : Capt. Tortuga
Date : 29/03/2015 Difficulty : Hidden : 02/03/2015
Time : 11:57 Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5NPC7 - The Pirate Cutlass at geocaching.com


Found it!29/03/15 11:57[Mr. Terratin solo]

Ahoy matey! Shiver me timbers! A Cap'n's puzzl'.

Th' mighty nice collection of cutlass' was quickly discovered...but Mr. Landlubber couldn't quite get his finger on it. So he called in his proud beauty 'nd th' wench quickly made th' first green on th' checker appear....

Today Mr. Terratin hoist th' Jolly Roger 'nd went on th' account after th' booty. Arriving at th' spot 'nd quickly finding th' loot, he was a bit lily-livered...was th' FTF still up for grabs? Blimey! Yo-ho-ho, Aye, Aye, anoth'r FTF!