Unknown CacheGC5PHVV - Jolly Roger Series #19

Found : 12/06/2015 Size : Placed by : Capt. Tortuga
Time : 12:25 Difficulty : Hidden : 07/06/2015
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5PHVV - Jolly Roger Series #19 at geocaching.com


Found it!12/06/15 12:25

Solved by Mrs terratin right after publication and just before going to bed.

The three following caches were the last ones we planned to pick up today. On the way down here we met VeeBees and Desertal again and exchanged some intelligence, including the news that we might not be getting too many more First to Finds. Turned out this one indeed wasn't one. But we found the container. Thanks for the hide.