Unknown CacheGC5PJ7V - Jolly Roger Series #26

FTF! Size : Placed by : Capt. Tortuga
Date : 12/06/2015 Difficulty : Hidden : 07/06/2015
Time : 11:15 Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5PJ7V - Jolly Roger Series #26 at geocaching.com


Found it!12/06/15 11:15

This puzzle was a bit of a nightmare, and we're not sure if it's solvable at all. With basically just a few unknowns, Mrs. terratin made assumptions for two numbers and put the remaining ones in the checker, which agreed after 5 attempts or so. As Desertal and VeeBees told us they also had no idea how to solve this we were pretty certain about yet another FTF, and it indeed was. Thanks for this puzzle.