Cache In Trash Out EventGC5PRTW - Geo Global CITO Qatar Pearl

Attended Size : Placed by : Desertal
Time : Difficulty : Hidden : 25/04/2015
Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC5PRTW - Geo Global CITO Qatar Pearl at


Attended25/04/15 08:00

Thanks all for showing up at this event. It was a very cozy affair with lots of laughter, and a massive amount of garbage on the beach. The weather was not so great: lots of dust and a strong wind that let the garbage, garbage bags and sand fly all around. After looking at the mess on the beach we decided to collect plastic bottles, which Gerty was collecting anyway for a school project. Nice to see a new face! Thanks for organizing this event!

Will attend21/03/15

We'll be there


This cache is part of Jasmer Challenge.