Traditional CacheGC5QZEG - Fireman's Friend

Found : 08/01/2016 Size : Placed by : TorstenOK
Time : 18:08 Difficulty : Hidden : 10/04/2015
Terrain : Location : aeUnited Arab Emirates
GC5QZEG - Fireman's Friend at


Found it!08/01/16 18:08[Mrs. Terratin solo]

Mrs. terratin wanted to stop and return to the mall after the last cache, but as this one as still kind of along the way she made the little detour. And wow, what a fun and interestingly constructed cache! It took Mrs. terratin a while to figure out how to get the log book without using brute force. But finally she succeeded. Looks like someone is using this location to store his lunch, as there was a bag with several boxes of food stored next to the cache. But nobody was around when searching for it. Thanks for this wonderful idea, and for yet another smiley in Abu Dhabi.