EarthcacheGC5ZD70 - West Shore Rocks!

Found : 24/01/2016 Size : Placed by : smart_ginger
Time : 14:20 [?] Difficulty : Hidden : 15/07/2015
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC5ZD70 - West Shore Rocks! at


Found it!24/01/16 14:20 [?]

In need of a bit fresh air today, and this cache was at the perfect location for it. When Mrs. terratin looked out of the window it seemed like there was very little wind, though as it turned out there were no big gusts of wind but rather a permanent strong wind. But at least it didn't rain. Found the polished rocks and marveled at the nice fossils in them. Thanks for showing this place. Really worth a visit inbetween rain showers.