Traditional CacheGC6027C - Umm Hotta

FTF! Size : Placed by : Desertal
Date : 31/07/2015 Difficulty : Hidden : 22/07/2015
Time : 11:20 Terrain : Location : qaQatar
GC6027C - Umm Hotta at


Found it!31/07/15 11:20

After Mr. terratin was unlucky with this cache last week we tried it again today, and we came prepared. We parked the car between the hiding place and the farm, got our self-made geoextractor out and had the cache in our hands a few seconds later. Perfect! This plan worked. Not sure though if the hiding place really is that suitable, right at the entrance of a farm. But at least everything was quiet there today, and this cache got us the second FTF for the day. We decided not to go on but to go home again and leave the third cache for another time. Thanks for hiding it.

Did Not Find!25/07/15 09:55 [?][Mr. Terratin solo]

Well....not really a DNF, but not a true find either....the cache quickly spotted, but the special tool was lacking, so after staring at the cache for a few minutes, the decision to leave and return some other day was quickly made....also because there were people working at/around the gate and it felt a little awkward to attack a bush with a spade...

Some other day perhaps! Still, thanks!