Traditional CacheGC6E56F - Peering Around

FTF! Size : Placed by : seanx90
Date : 28/03/2016 Difficulty : Hidden : 25/03/2016
Time : 13:00 [?] Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GC6E56F - Peering Around at


Found it!28/03/16 13:00 [?][Mrs. Terratin solo]

FTF! Mrs. terratin saw three cache publication emails come in. One 20 miles away (ignore), one 5 miles away (hmm.. fancy a little FTF hunt?), and then... 0.7 miles! Yay, out on the pier, just a short distance walk from the terratin residence. Grab jacket, grab shoes, download cache to app, jog down to the pier. Get stopped on the way to the end by many, many people visiting today.

After negotiating past shops selling their stuff and families blocking the path, Mrs. terratin arrived at the end of the pier. Hmm.. lots of hiding places, and lots of people. Difficult to find the cache, and the hint didn't sound like anything familiar either at first. But what if... oh yes, this is how I would hide a cache here! After a few more looks around and waiting until a whole group of tourists had moved on Mrs. terratin spotted the cache, retrieved it, and sat down to sign the log and hide it again - which involved taking her pen apart three times due to general clumsiness and due to a lack of better tools at hand.

Thanks for hiding this cache and for giving me a little distraction on this nice Monday afternoon.


This cache is part of Jasmer Challenge.