Traditional CacheGCJTEV - Flower Tower

Found : 20/12/2015 Size : Placed by : Happy Landins
Time : 12:33 Difficulty : Hidden : 25/06/2004
Terrain : Location : ukUnited Kingdom; North Wales
GCJTEV - Flower Tower at


Found it!20/12/15 12:33

No flowers today, which might be a bit of a surprise given the mild temperatures this December. Not much of a view either. Instead there was lots of wind and bits of rain. Certainly need to come back with better weather for some more photos, and also explore the area a bit more. At least the entrance to the monument was much easier than expected. Mrs. terratin sees it regularly from work and was wondering whether there's a way up that doesn't involve a difficult climb. Yep, that question at least got answered today. Thanks for hiding this cache.